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How Can AI and the Cloud Work Together?


In today’s overly competitive world, businesses need to devise robust strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. Cloud computing has advanced from being an idea to an established technology that has entirely revolutionized the digital world.

Today, many people use the cloud to store complex workflows, manage mail services, and gain access to both professional and personal data. With the emergence of other technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can only expect major advancements in the near future. Read more. . .

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Benefits of Bringing Your Own Device to Work

The ever-changing nature of the workforce continues to give rise to new ways of working. Some work arrangements such as global mobility, remote working and flexible hours are increasingly becoming a norm in many organizations. However, it was not until recently that the term ‘Bring Your Own Devices’ (BYOD) became prevalent to companies.

Bring your own device or bring your own technology (BYOT), allows employees to bring their personally owned devices to work. Items such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones are used to access company information and applications. Read more. . .

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3 Ways to Prevent a Cyber Attack

As technology continues to expand and transform, so do cybercriminals. Businesses are struggling to identify and prevent a cyber attack while keeping up with the large volume of malware.

Detecting evasive cyber attacks poses a number of challenges. Such threats look for indicators of virtualization technology and valid user activity until they are no longer at risk of being identified. Cyber attackers are not only searching for detection techniques that popular hypervisors use but also exploiting known vulnerabilities in open source systems and software. Read more. . .

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Cloud Services Pros & Cons

Cloud providers offer a wide variety of services which are instrumental in the continued success of a business. Often providing vital infrastructure where absent, a cloud service can change the entire paradigm of a company, normally for the better.

But even with all the offerings out there, plenty of factors need to come under consideration. In this article, we’ll briefly go over some of the biggest pluses – and negatives – to major cloud providers.


Scalable Service

Cloud offers scaling service models, meaning an enterprise can reduce or increase its infrastructure needs at will. This is great when utilizing staff augmentation, backup options, or any area which may need support. This additionally means the cost is reactive, meaning a company is charged based on what it uses versus a flat fee. Read more. . .

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Why Educating Employees is Still the Strongest Line of Defense Against Cyber Crime

Technology isn’t slowing down, and by proxy, neither is criminal activity. Cybercrime is one of the most prolific threats today, targeting businesses and personal computers. It constantly evolves, battling the patches and changes designed to counter it, meaning the struggle to remain safe is never ending.

For a company, especially mid-sized to smaller, this is an immense source of anxiety. Understandably so, no business wants to go belly up because savvy parties flat lined a server rack or stole credit card info. Read more. . .

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How to Avoid Malware

Data Binary Code Spiral

Malware avoidance is something every business needs to be aware of. Malware has many different forms that include viruses, spyware, and adware, all of which can range from a mild annoyance to complete system breakdown. Even more damaging than that is the potential of data breaches and sensitive information theft. That can cost you thousands of dollars and you might not be able to recover.

So what can you do to avoid malware affecting your Highland Park business?

Be internet aware

If a website asks you to install new software, you need to check that you know what it is, what it does and where it’s coming from. If you’re not sure, don’t install it. It’s better to be cautious than to download a virus. Read more. . .

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How IoT Affects your Small Business

Digital security key concept background with binary data code

Everybody has heard of the Internet of Things (IoT) by now and if you haven’t, it’s time to catch up. Basically, the IoT is the idea that all the technology we use every day will eventually be connected to the internet for easy control and access. It’s not just futuristic anymore; it’s here – even in Highland Park – in ways that have crossed over from leisure and sport and into business.

Here’s how IoT could affect your company.

Boosts efficiency

The ability to connect more devices to the internet can allow your business to develop more efficient and effective practices and it’s not just for large businesses. Many SMBs are looking to upgrade their systems and equipment to include smart machines. Read more. . .

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5 Reasons To Consider A Unified Communications Solution

FULLY MANAGED SERVICES_PROACTIVE MONITORING and demonstration of unified communications solutions

A unified communications system (UCS) uses cloud software and technology to provide all forms of communication you need; telephone systems, text, online chat and video calls, internet protocol television and emails can all be included in your package. Having a UCS means that you can receive a voicemail and choose to access it as an email or through your cell. Communications can be one to one or one to many.  Basically, a good UCS can provide everything you company could need communications wise. Read more. . .

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Cloud Email Solutions for Your SMB

Cloud Finger

While “the cloud” has often been joked about as some nebulous network of unknowns and mysterious workings, it’s actually brought many businesses into the age of modern productivity. Cloud services offer many benefits to a company, big or small, because of how much strain they can remove from infrastructure. One such example we’ll discuss in this article is an email solution. This management of communication can help streamline functionality for any tech-reliant corporation, despite being a smaller aspect of company function. Since communication is important for any business, it stands to reason an efficient cloud solution makes this process better. Read more. . .

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How Hybrid Cloud Solutions Can Improve Your Business


Cloud computing is rapidly becoming the default for business, and has evolved to meet growing demand. One of the ways this has been done is through the introduction of hybrid services as companies are realizing they need more than one method of meeting customer needs. Hybrid cloud computing is a system that uses both public and private cloud services.

The public cloud is owned and operated by a third party for use by other businesses and individuals. It consists of hardware, storage, backup services, tailored business apps and interfaces needed to run a company online. Read more. . .

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