3 Ways to Prevent a Cyber Attack

As technology continues to expand and transform, so do cybercriminals. Businesses are struggling to identify and prevent a cyber attack while keeping up with the large volume of malware.

Detecting evasive cyber attacks poses a number of challenges. Such threats look for indicators of virtualization technology and valid user activity until they are no longer at risk of being identified. Cyber attackers are not only searching for detection techniques that popular hypervisors use but also exploiting known vulnerabilities in open source systems and software.

Therefore, it is critical that you rethink the tactics you use to detect modern malware and prevent your company from suffering major losses. Here are three ways to prevent a cyber attack.

Establish and Implement Internal Security Policies

You may be shocked to learn that a plethora of security breaches occur within the business. It can be as simple as one of your employees clicking on a link in an email that contains malware. Also, if they use simple passwords that can be easily guessed it makes the cyber attacker’s job easier.

Therefore, it is vital that you educate your employees on such matters and establish clear security policies if you want to gain control of your IT security. Ensure that you provide your employees with quarterly training sessions to keep them updated with the latest security information. Also, educate them on password protection and it’s importance.

Update Systems and Software Regularly

Instead of letting computers carry out their random updates, most employees delay the process by postponing it to a more convenient time. What this does is weaken the security of your business thus preventing it from achieving true IT efficiency and optimization.

Therefore, you need to ensure that all your employees pay attention to update notifications as well as install and implement them as soon as possible every time they become available.

Consider a Managed Service Provider (MSP)

In addition to enforcing the two aforementioned preventative measures, you should highly consider investing in reliable IT management. A good example is getting a managed services model to optimize your business’ computer network maintenance. This can greatly reduce or even effectively eliminate the possibility of a cyber attack. Enhanced security and compliance is the number one reason why most organizations of all sizes partner with MSP companies.

Even though hiring an MSP requires an additional investment, the peace of mind that comes with it is priceless. Think of the time and money you’ll be saving if a cyber attack were to happen because of your preparedness.

Keep in mind that a data breach could potentially cripple your company costing you massive amounts of money.  Therefore, the best way to prevent one is knowing how to keep your IT infrastructure as secure as possible.

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