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Google’s Android 5.0 Lollipop Tips


All right — you’ve heard all about Google’s Android 5.0 Lollipop release. You’ve read the reviews. Now what should you do once you actually get your hands on the software?

Here are 10 cool things to try with Lollipop on your Android phone or tablet:

1. Set up a trusted Bluetooth device.

2. Check out the revamped Face Lock feature.

3. Take Lollipop’s always-listening voice command system out for a spin.

4. Interact with a notification on the lock screen.

5. Set up and try priority notification mode. Read more. . .

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Apple Pay Not Welcome


CVS and Rite-Aid did it not shut off their NFC-based payment systems just to stifle the competition of Apple Pay, but  because they’re contractually obligated not to offer Apple Pay in their stores.

The whole Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) group, including these two drug stores and big-box retailers Walmart and Best Buy, signed a contract years ago that binds them to Current C. That contract, signed way before anyone knew if Apple Pay was ever going to materialize, prevents them from supporting rival technologies, as doing so will earn them outrageous fines. Read more. . .

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Android Ads Bring Joy to Our Hearts

If you happened to be watching The Walking Dead last night, you may have noticed some clever new Android ads. Naturally, that’s led to speculation — many think the devices shown are the rumored Nexus 6 or X. That’s a stretch, but we do know that Google has a surprisingly great new ad campaign hyping Android L on multiple devices, along with that mysterious link. With that, we do expect to see new stuff soon!

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Users Complain of iOS 8


You’ve waited almost a full year for this update—You’ve even deleted over a thousand photos to reach the minimum 5GB storage needed to download the new update, iOS8.  You hovered over your phone for over an hour, waiting for the new system installation and reboot. With excitement, the welcome screen greets you to your new OS. You are officially ‘keeping up with the Joneses.’

But was the new iOS 8 update really worth it? Honestly, no. Here are a many reasons why, after a full week, users are downgrading. Read more. . .

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Correcting Google Now


You can now correct Google Now by using the term “OK Google: No, I said…”

Google Now is great, but it’s not perfect. Sometimes it doesn’t hear you quite right. As 9to5Google explains, maybe you asked for “nearby bars” but Google inexplicably gave you results for nearby cars. If you just say “OK Google: No, I said bars” Google Now will correct itself and then search for what you meant in the first place, presumably because it can figure out which word is most likely to be wrong. Read more. . .

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Lies Tech Companies Don’t Want You To Know.

Majority of tech companies over-exaggerate and outright lie to get you to be a part of their service plan and buy their products. Don’t believe the hype—here is a list of the three most common lies being told by other service tech providers.

WiFi Speeds
Your ISP will most likely claim that your internet connection should be able to deliver speeds up to 20 mbps, which is pretty darn fast, but let’s not forget about that WiFi router you have—claiming data speeds at 1gbps, now that’s faster than being able to contemplate the word  F-A-S-T. Where’s the speed? The fact is, you’ll never get to see GB speeds, not even if you have Google’s Fiber Networks wrapped around your fingers—the world is not ready, yet. On average, internet speeds will range about 15-60 mbps depending on your locations and whether or not your ISP has a cap. So why advertise ridiculously fast speeds? You WiFi router is a highway for streaming multiple devices simultaneously, the bigger the highway—the faster people can get connected. Read more. . .

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Connecting the World: Fifty Dollar Smartphones

Facebook. Skype. Snapchat. Viber. Google. Kik. What’s App.

Other than being the world’s top keywords searched online, all the apps listed above are the few out of the many millions used to make global connections. Free calling, video sharing, and what not—the days of buying calling cards at your local gas station are over. No more calling collect. No more having to pay a large price for calling overseas. Being able to connect with your family and friends over the ocean has never been easier. Well, that statement is only plausible if they have a smartphone, or tablet. We can go even further and say the internet s a crucial element as well.  Read more. . .

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