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10 Mac Tricks for the Tech Savvy User

Apple is one of the most popular brands to date, and Mac OS is equally used by many people. Suited for a variety of tasks and purposes, people enjoy the ease of use Mac OS brings. But, did you know there are a few extra functions hidden behind its sleek construction? Indeed, one can make greater use of their Mac based system by utilizing a handy set of tricks we’ve included in this article.

1. Using Spotlight

Spotlight is the Mac’s own search function which allows you to find files and programs. Everything from a calculator to currency conversions can be utilized through this nifty side app. All you have to do is hit Command + Space to open it up. Useful when looking for business-centric files. Read more. . .

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Is Your Data Working for You?

Diagrams projecting from tablet isolated on white

Data is an integral part of any successful company. It encompasses many things, but mainly relates to network infrastructure and information. Both are incredibly valuable, and need to work optimally to keep things moving efficiently. But a big question management should ask is if their data is actually working for them; that is to say, is it productive, helpful and useful?

In relation to network, it’s important to diagnose internet speed and usage as beneficial factors to a business. To answer the question, management has to consider several things: is data handling high volume days, is it providing an adequate speed for the transmission of important files, and is it cost effective in relation to its performance? Any time the answer is “no,” it might be time for a change. Data needs to perform at fast speeds, be reliable 24/7 (or however long business hours are), and perform during high strain. Read more. . .

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6 Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT

Thumbs-up guy managing outsourcing IT

More and more companies are turning to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to oversee their IT infrastructure.  It’s a common theme among business topics – and here’s 6 ways that joining them could benefit your business.

Keeps you competitive

Most SMBs can’t afford the expensive up to date software packages that larger businesses have as a matter of course. Outsourcing your IT can help your business to keep up with bigger companies and provide access to the same level of expertise that larger firms have on hand, giving you a competitive edge. Read more. . .

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How Hybrid Cloud Solutions Can Improve Your Business


Cloud computing is rapidly becoming the default for business, and has evolved to meet growing demand. One of the ways this has been done is through the introduction of hybrid services as companies are realizing they need more than one method of meeting customer needs. Hybrid cloud computing is a system that uses both public and private cloud services.

The public cloud is owned and operated by a third party for use by other businesses and individuals. It consists of hardware, storage, backup services, tailored business apps and interfaces needed to run a company online. Read more. . .

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Benefits of BYOD

Guy on lap top in field

The idea of providing one’s own tech equipment in a corporate environment may not seem like an ideal concept. Factors like security post a big external threat when it comes to BYOD (bring your own device). A non-approved piece of tech certainly has the ability to compromise on-site security and gain access to information they shouldn’t have access to.

However, there is a silver lining to personal devices allowed on company grounds. While it’s not necessary to suddenly make all devices useable or work within network infrastructure, there are some costs to be saved with a little leeway. Read more. . .

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Why Data Security is Important

Data security is important. Be sure to protect your information.

In a world of instant information, we can access all sorts of things. The internet and modern tech have brought a streamlined approach to just about everything we do from banking information to emails, personal photos, and business documents. However, with all the fancy additions and places we can store important information, we often overlook a vital aspect to it: security. Just like the key combination to a safe, it’s critical to protect your information, no matter what it is.

For personal reasons, it’s probably obvious. In another article, I touched over the usefulness of a mobile wallet (your smartphone). However, I also highlighted a few risks that come with storing all the info in one place. While I’ll be covering data security for general usage, from smartphones to personal computers to businesses, some basic precautions will always apply. Read more. . .

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Five Ways to Speed Up Your Mac


Mac computers may not be prone to catching viruses, but they can be slowed down over time due to years of buildup and use. Using these tips can help you free up some space on your Mac and get it moving faster.

1.     Give It a Break!

When was the last time you shut your computer down? This is something that most people don’t even think about. Either it’s their work computer, and they don’t think twice about leaving it running because they aren’t paying the electricity bill, or it’s their personal computer, and they are constantly using it for browsing the internet, sending emails, streaming videos, and more. It’s easy to forget that your computer needs a break. Let it shut down completely more often. Closing down all applications and letting your computer restart can do wonders for how fast it runs. If possible, shut it down every night before bed. Read more. . .

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Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 365 in the Workplace


Microsoft Office 365 is cloud-based subscription service that can help businesses increase productivity and enhance the workplace. Here are some benefits of using the service.

Everyone Stays Connected

With access to unlimited online meetings, instant messaging, and Skype for Business, you’ll never need to worry about keeping your employees connected again. The corporate video portal available in two of the Enterprise options of Microsoft Office 365 allows you to upload and share corporate videos, and most versions provide employees with business class email, calendar, and contacts. Read more. . .

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Correcting Google Now


You can now correct Google Now by using the term “OK Google: No, I said…”

Google Now is great, but it’s not perfect. Sometimes it doesn’t hear you quite right. As 9to5Google explains, maybe you asked for “nearby bars” but Google inexplicably gave you results for nearby cars. If you just say “OK Google: No, I said bars” Google Now will correct itself and then search for what you meant in the first place, presumably because it can figure out which word is most likely to be wrong. Read more. . .

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Spotting Fake Reviews

Online shopping is tricky and hard—that’s where user reviews come in handy. In fact, majority of users will NOT buy an item, hire a business, or eat out at a restaurant without looking at the reviews first. Reading comments and looking at how many stars a place receives is key. In 2012, 57% of restaurant-goers said they rely on online reviews before choosing where to dine. In addition, 90% of Yelp users said a positive review influences their choices.

But here’s the bad news:

Not all reviews are reliable. Most of them are just sneaky SEO/Social Media tactics companies do to make themselves rise up against the ranks of other business owners/ products. TripAdvisor just recently came under fire for allegedly failing to prevent fake reviews. For example, some hotels pay reviewers to post positive reviews without ever stepping foot in the establishment. They do it to boost business, but that comes at the cost of a surprised and angry customer who feels tricked by the power of the Internet. Read more. . .

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