Are You Ready for a Managed Service Provider?

Review last year’s IT expenditures, along with your major responsibilities. Once completed, feel free to answer the questions below to see if you are ready to switch providers.
  • Do you often spent time looking up current technological trends to better your business?
  • Are you putting in a ton of overtime, just to make by?
  • Is your current outsourcing IT firm local? Are you happy with them?
  • Are you thinking about hiring an IT person for your business? If so, are they hurting your budget?
  • Have you been trying to take a vacation for months on end?

Big Or Small We got your Back.

Let us help you run your business more efficiently and smoothly. Our IT team will personally and thoroughly analyze your existing infrastructure and review your current order to ensure an optimum setup, and a smooth transition. We will provide FULL documentation to help improve your business process—you will no longer have to rely on one person to do all the work. Our team is always ready for you. Ask about our Synery program which will allow your team of professionals to overlay and work with our Technological Experts on a daily basis.

For Start-Up Hubs:

Congratulations, you have investors calling and wanting to capitalize in your new business venture—that’s a huge win! With a team of less than 10 people, managing the technological aspect of your servers and networks can be quite a challenge, especially if you are also trying to invest in production costs. Out sourcing can be complicated and let alone painful—especially when you are speaking to a person overseas. Let us help. We have simple pricing solutions that allow you to pay a monthly cost or incur an upfront expenditure. At Stratosphere Networks, we want to see you succeed. No more 2:00 am phone calls due to time-zone differences—we are local, and we will work with you. Online or in-person, we will help with your technological infrastructure.

For More Established Beehives

For much more larger enterprises, hiring new IT professionals to your existing team can be a tedious and costly process—even if you do decide to outsource, you might have to deal with fees, time-zone differences and for the most part, lack of communicational services. More established firms have turned to Stratosphere Networks to assist with their day to day functions for many reasons—Our IT professionals are experienced and certified with all the latest and newly found technologies. We stay up to date with current trends, so you don’t have to. Businesses also turn to Stratosphere Networks when they are tasked with large network service provider upgrades or migrations. Your current staff might not be able to be at every location to assist with upgrade and migration procedures, but we can. Whether it’s help desk support, remote and on-site dispatch, network optimization, search engine optimization services (SEO), maintenance tasks (such as Windows Updates), proactive network monitoring, disaster recovery planning, planning to roll out a new line of business application (i.e. EMR, EHR, DMS, etc) network upgrade or migration planning (such as Microsoft Exchange), considering virtualizing your infrastructure (i.e. VMWare, Citrix, or Hyper-V) or simply moving to a new location, our team of experts can help ensure all aspects of your technology infrastructure are handled correctly. Let us be there for you.
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