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Find Your Wifi Password in Windows 8.1

A friend wants a slice of your home Wi-Fi but you’ve completely forgotten what the password is, as you connected your laptop about two-and-a-half years ago.

If you’re running Windows 8.1, then looking up your password from your laptop or desktop only takes a few clicks of the mouse. Here’s how to do it.

You need to get into Control Panel, which is easily done from any File Explorer window (the breadcrumb drop-down path at the top) or the Charms bar (Settings then Control Panel). Read more. . .

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Apple Pay Not Welcome


CVS and Rite-Aid did it not shut off their NFC-based payment systems just to stifle the competition of Apple Pay, but  because they’re contractually obligated not to offer Apple Pay in their stores.

The whole Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) group, including these two drug stores and big-box retailers Walmart and Best Buy, signed a contract years ago that binds them to Current C. That contract, signed way before anyone knew if Apple Pay was ever going to materialize, prevents them from supporting rival technologies, as doing so will earn them outrageous fines. Read more. . .

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Google Wants to Destroy GoDaddy

6-25-2014 10-51-30 AM

Google now wants to sell domain names, too.

Google announced the launch of Google Domains. A new service that will allow users to purchase domain names, it will also offers some perks such as free private registration, which keeps the site owner’s personal information hidden from the public, and helping small business owners find, register and manage their Web addresses.

Google isn’t quoting prices yet, but there are a few suggestions that state registering a domain with Google will cost $12 a year. Read more. . .

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Wi-Fi Wars: Cars

It’s a period of connectivity wars, broadband providers fight to gain property over your favorite hotspots. Up against other industries, AT&T currently leads the race, but will their new WiFi plans secure their position as number one….

This week, General Motors has officially become the first automobile manufacture to offer WiFi in its vehicles—after being announced by AT&T, they will supply OnStar subscribers with 4G-LTE connectivity speeds starting at $5.00 a month. Allowing up to 7 mobile-devices to pair up with the vehicle’s automatic WiFi system, GM assures that other than streaming music and videos, in-vehicle WiFi will allow real-time updates for navigation purposes, instead of having to wait for vehicle specific software upgrades. Read more. . .

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