How Can AI and the Cloud Work Together?


In today’s overly competitive world, businesses need to devise robust strategies to stay ahead of their competitors. Cloud computing has advanced from being an idea to an established technology that has entirely revolutionized the digital world.

Today, many people use the cloud to store complex workflows, manage mail services, and gain access to both professional and personal data. With the emergence of other technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, we can only expect major advancements in the near future.

A recent study conducted by Accenture suggests that AI will double the growth of domestic products in various developed economies by 2035. These findings will likely pressure all future-oriented entrepreneurs to incorporate Artificial intelligence in production.

What’s the Ideal Way of Merging AI with the Cloud

Almost all applications today come with a cloud backup service. The shift towards cloud computing is inevitable. Companies of all sizes have adopted cloud computing because it provides an easier method of accessing data and storage. Conventional backup methods have often been abandoned for use of the cloud. In the past, on-site storage devices were prevalent, but this is no longer the case.

With the advent of the cloud, conventional methods are quickly becoming outdated and expensive. This explains why numerous organizations have started moving their workloads and data to the cloud. You can access any data stored in the cloud in actual time regardless of the device you are using or even where you are in the world. Merging cloud computing and artificial intelligence gives you a wide range of network sufficient enough to store huge amounts of data.

How Does Merging AI with Cloud Computing Function?

The cloud machine learning by Google is an ideal example of how artificial learning combined with cloud computing functions. The environment gives scientists an appropriate platform where they can develop robust models and proceed to test them. While this platform doesn’t feature the deep learning structure, it can execute authentic conclusions.

For instance, Google’s artificial intelligence is currently used in various ways such as ensuring that our food is safe for consumption and to predict the weather. Organizations, especially those that handle massive mail, can also leverage Google’s machine learning to enhance the response time.

Another ideal demonstration of how merging AI and cloud works is IBM’s Watson, a computer system that specializes in questioning and answering and that can answer all questions as long as they are relayed in natural language. A robust research team under the leadership of David Ferrucci, a principal investigator, developed the system.

Watson is tasked with storing all evidence and clues in a bid to review them. Depending on the findings, the system can make different predictions and determinations regarding where specific cybercrime is likely to occur. What’s more, IBM’s artificial intelligence can determine any possible patterns to show the likely behavior of cybercriminals.


There is potential for merging AI and the cloud. Lots of research still remains, however, before the world can enjoy a fully functional product.

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